Invert Stunt Scooter - White

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PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS: The stunt scooter is designed for kids and teens who are eager to learn tricks and spend time at the skate park. Its build is ideal for beginners, providing just the right mix of stability, control, and durability


ALUMINIUM FOOT BRAKE: Safety is a top priority, so this scooter comes with an aluminium foot brake, allowing riders to stop or slow down quickly and safely. With a simple press on the foot brake, riders can safely navigate through the skate park


DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Constructed with a strong steel frame, this scooter is built to withstand the wear and tear that comes with practicing stunts. L65.5CM x W35.5CM x H77CM


ABEC 7 BEARINGS: The high-tolerance ABEC 7 bearings are designed to provide a smooth and reliable ride. These bearings allow the wheels to spin with minimal friction, ensuring that the scooter can achieve higher speeds and provide an ultra-smooth ride


STRONG 100MM POLYURETHANE WHEELS: The 100mm polyurethane wheels are built for durability and comfort. These wheels can absorb impact from landing jumps, making them ideal for stunt scooters. Supports riders up to 100KG
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Whether you're new to stunt scooters or an experienced rider, the Xootz Invert T-Bar Stunt Scooter is engineered for performance and durability. The combination of its stylish look, smooth bearings, and solid construction makes it the perfect choice for skate parks and street riding. 

The Xootz Invert T-Bar Stunt Scooter is designed to turn heads with its bold black and white design. This scooter is more than just stylish—it's built for action. With precision-quality ABEC-7 bearings, the wheels spin smoothly, allowing you to gain speed and control with ease.The 100mm polyurethane wheels are designed for stunts and jumps, providing a smooth ride even on rough surfaces. The solid T-Bar stunt handlebars are secured with a sturdy 3-bolt tube clamp, ensuring that your scooter stays steady during tricks and high-impact activities. This robust design allows you to pull off impressive stunts and maneuvers with confidence.

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