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DESIGNED FOR BEGINNER SKATERS: with high impact PP boot shell and trucks for foot protection and stability. Inline roller skates are a perfect pair for your kid to join this exciting sport.


ADUSTABLE SIZING: lets you find a comfortable fit as your child grows. With many different designs out there, we assure the configuration of this amazing pair of roller skates are durable and secure.


TRIPLE PROTECTION: rear PVC stopper and cushioned ankle support reduce the risk of injury whilst learning to skate. The super comfortable boots provide plenty of ankle support, so juniors riders feel secure.


STRONG PVC WHEELS AND 608Z BEARINGS: offer a smooth ride and make the inline skates easy to manoeuvre joint with durable PVC wheels to make sure that these skates are safe and fun, perfect for beginners. 70 x 24 PVC Wheels.


FITS CHILD SHOE SIZES 9-12 and 13-3: the shoe will fit your child as their foot grows, with a max user weight of 60KG, suitable for ages 5+
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Inline Skates - Pink
RRP: £32.99 From: £24.99 Save: £8.00 (24%) Click for price
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Made for mini skaters, the Xootz Inline Skates are for those who want to practice their skating skills or want to learn a new sport. The super comfortable boot provides plenty of ankle support so junior riders feel Secure when they head to their first roller disco or test them out at their local skate park.
Featuring a PVC stopper and bushings as well as 608Z bearings, The Xootz roller blades offer a smooth, manoeuvrable ride with loads of stopping power For when they need it.

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