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XOOTZ KIDS SCOOTER: The Monster Mash-Up is the perfect scooter for beginners to learn their first skills and tricks. Ideal for ages 5 and up, this scooter supports a maximum user weight of up to 50KG, making it suitable for young riders as they grow


SOFT-TOUCH HANDLEBAR GRIPS: The 36cm wide steel T-bar features soft-touch grips that provide comfort and control, making it easier to manoeuvre the scooter. This wide handlebar design simplifies learning new stunts and tricks


LIGHTWEIGHT FRAME: The scooter's shorter deck offers better control for smaller riders and the lower handlebars make it easier for younger children to pull off moves. The lightweight frame is perfect for tricks and stunts. H74CM x L65CM x W36CM


PREMIUM QUALITY COMPONENTS: Despite being designed for kids, the Xootz scooter comes with premium-quality features. The PVC wheels offer a smooth ride, while the ABEC-5 bearings ensure minimal friction for a better scooting experience


STRONG AND RIGID DESIGN: This scooter does not fold, which enhances the sturdiness of the deck and frame. The rigid design allows kids to learn tricks and jumps with confidence, providing a solid platform for practicing like the pros
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The Xootz Monster Mash Up Youth Scooter is designed to help beginners master their first jumps, hops, and tricks. This stunt scooter is ideal for kids aged 5-12 or those with a maximum weight of 50kg. With its fixed-height handlebar, the scooter is built for stability and strength, offering a rigid structure that's perfect for a variety of tricks.

The scooter features a 36 cm wide steel T-bar with soft grips, a double bolt clamp, and a threaded headset, ensuring smooth spins and precise steering. This setup provides the control needed for learning new stunts. The PVC wheels are equipped with ABEC 5 bearings, giving a smooth ride, while the built-in steel rear brake ensures reliable stopping power to keep you in control.

If you're looking for a scooter that offers strength, precision, and durability, the Xootz Monster Mash Up Youth Scooter is a fantastic choice for young riders eager to explore the world of stunts and tricks.

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