Scooting is a fun and popular activity for kids, but it also offers a number of benefits beyond just being a fun pastime. From performing exciting new tricks on a stunt scooter, to off-road excitement on a dirt scooter, here are five benefits of scooting for kids:

Physical Activity

Scooting is a great way for kids to get physical exercise. It requires them to use their leg muscles to propel themselves forward making scooting the perfect option for improving balance and coordination. From a beginner’s tri-scooter up to a fun all-terrain dirt scooter, scooters help to strengthen muscles by being active and using them in new ways.


Scooters can serve as a quick and easy mode of transportation for kids, allowing them to get from one place to another in a fun and efficient way. This can be especially useful for getting to and from school or running errands with a parent, plus they’re faster than walking and WAY more fun than a car!


Scooting can help kids develop a sense of independence as they learn to navigate their environment on their own. It can also help them build confidence in their abilities such as balance and coordination.

Environmental Benefits

Scooters are a more environmentally friendly option than cars for short trips, as they do not emit any harmful emissions. Encouraging kids to use scooters instead of cars can help reduce pollution and protect the environment whilst also enjoying some fresh air before school!

Social Interaction

Riding a scooter is a fantastic social activity for kids, as they can ride with friends and meet new people at the park or in the neighbourhood. It can also be a great way for kids to bond with their parents or siblings, as they can ride together and have fun as a family whilst learning new skills and getting some good exercise.

Overall, scooting is a fantastic low-cost activity for kids that can provide both physical and mental benefits. Encourage your child to Scoot to School this year with a Xootz Scooter and see the benefits for themselves!

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