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Decoy Dirt Scooter - Black

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ALL-TERRAIN DIRT SCOOTER: Off-roading has never been easier, go to places you didn’t think were possible on this stylish and lightweight Xootz. All-terrain dirt scooter


THICK PNEUMATIC TYRES: The chunky 8” Off Road wheels are specifically designed for all the different types of terrain you encounter in the outdoors


GRIP TAPE DECK: The wide aluminium heat-treated deck provides a large space for comfortable foot positioning, while the grip tape deck has a stylish black and white stripe scooter design


STEEL Y-FRAME HANDLEBAR: The sturdy scooter frame with quad bolt clamp accompanies soft-grip handles, providing comfort while still absorbing the impacts of your route as you ride past beautiful scenery


ALUMINIUM FOOTBRAKE: The extra wide footbrake allows for easy and fast stopping so you are in control and safe the whole time when exploring
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No terrain is off limits with the Xootz Decoy Dirt Scooter. Designed for kids age 6+ to adults up to 100kg, now you can tackle those trails that were once impassable. The chunky wheeled scooter lets you adventure away from smooth surfaces and conquer a whole host of new terrain thanks to the pneumatic off-road 200mm X 50mm wheels. Combining a super wide heat-treated aluminium deck with a steel Y-frame handlebar, maintains lightness while being able to withstand hard off-road impacts. A threaded headset and quad bolt clamp provide direct and precise steering, while helping to maintain this all-round brute strength scooter for a reliable ride on the toughest of terrain.